At a glance: Our impact in 2019-20


Every year, community legal centres support thousands of people across the state. Community legal centres provide free legal support to people going through tough times, mostly those experiencing financial hardship, social disadvantage, domestic or family violence, or discrimination.

The data

In 2019-20, community legal centres supported over 50,000 people in New South Wales.

Top five legal issues

  • Credit and debt
  • Housing
  • Parenting arrangements
  • Consumer
  • Immigration


people in total supported


people in financial hardship


culturally and linguistically diverse people


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people


Under 18: 709 people

18-34: 17,380

35-64: 27,940

65+: 5,459


Female: 28,375

Male: 23,135

Non-binary and gender diverse: 236


people experiencing family violence


In our communities' own words

In 2019-20, a number of community legal centres conducted client surveys to gauge the experiences of the people who'd used their service.