Our policy and law reform work


We're independent and proud of it. Advocating to change unfair or unjust laws is what makes community legal centres unique.

As services on-the-ground, community legal centres are uniquely placed to identify structural and systemic issues and develop meaningful solutions to these barriers to justice. As the peak body, Community Legal Centres NSW works to support and amplify our members’ law reform work and advocacy. We advocate directly to government on priority access to justice issues that directly impact the lives and wellbeing of the people and communities we support.

There are 41 community legal centres across New South Wales. Community legal centres provide access to justice for people who need free legal help, no matter where they live. Our movement supports people experiencing hardship and vulnerability to make informed choices and exercise their rights. Day in, day out, we help people to gain financial security, safety, housing, and a sense of wellbeing.

Each year, community legal centres deliver around 185,000 front-line legal services to over 54,000 people in New South Wales every year. We draw upon this on-the-ground knowledge to advocate for a fairer society for all.

Our clients are diverse. We work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with disability, children and young people, LGBTQI people, older people, and women. We understand the multi-layered barriers that compound their social and legal needs.

Our vision is for our communities to be fairer and more-inclusive places, where everyone is housed, safe, and has the support they need to thrive and participate.