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19 Jun 2024

The NSW Government has failed to increase funding for Community Legal Centres in the NSW Budget, handed down on 18 June. With a small increase in May’s Federal Budget, Community Legal Centres NSW hoped this would be matched in the NSW Budget.

15 Apr 2024

The Children’s Court in Parramatta stands as a symbol of commitment to juvenile justice, striving to balance rehabilitation and accountability. It plays a critical role in the justice system...

21 Mar 2024

Community Legal Centres NSW put in a submission to the independent review of the National Legal Assistance Partnership in October 2023.

19 Feb 2024

By diverging from the formalities observed in other court settings, the offender feels seen and heard. They are not perceived solely through the lens of criminality.

19 Dec 2023

We are delighted to announce that Sarah Marland has been appointed as Executive Director of CLCNSW.

18 Dec 2023

CLCNSW's first phase of disaster training in 2023 focussed on initial disaster response.

11 Dec 2023

“It is hard to step down because I have loved the work and loved the people I have worked with, but I’m also leaving the organisation in great shape, and with a great team.”

05 Dec 2023

“I would like to see more commitment to making processes more accessible to people without representation ... We also need to look more broadly at making sure the profession is a safe place for women and other minorities to be able to work."

20 Nov 2023

People with disability are not only our clients; they are us! The community legal sector must take action to recruit, employ, and create accessible work environments for everyone.

16 Oct 2023

The referendum for me, was a chance to be counted. To be seen as real people in this country that our ancestors have cared for, for thousands of years. A country we, as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, BELONG to.

12 Oct 2023

This is Community Legal Centres NSW's preliminary submission to the review of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW).

25 Sep 2023

After careful consideration, and talking to the Community Legal Centres NSW Aboriginal Advisory Group and our other First Nation colleagues, Community Legal Centres NSW supports the Yes campaign on the Voice to Parliament.

05 Jun 2023

Community legal centre outreach programs provide a vital service for remote areas but resourcing problems mean they could vanish any time.

29 May 2023

Hear from the Barang Regional Alliance about voting 'yes' to the Voice, watch video clips produced by Barang, and join an open yarn on the Voice.

17 May 2023

A new free legal resources hub, developed by Community Legal Centres NSW, empowers people with legal knowledge and tools

02 May 2023
Community legal centre networks meet at each Quarterly. Networks coordinate advocacy, share tips and experiences, provide peer support in complex areas, hear from guest presenters on relevant issues, and develop joint strategies for improving peoples' experiences of the legal system.
18 Apr 2023

We all deserve to be safe at work and free from discrimination and sexual harassment. While sexual harassment is pervasive across all industries and all employment levels in Australia, it is not inevitable.

17 Apr 2023

Community legal centres give free and confidential help. Answer a few questions on Find free legal help to find out who you should contact for legal advice, information, or support.

31 Mar 2023

We believe in building a society that is fair, just, and inclusive. This is only possible if we take a collective stand against hate and discrimination.

21 Mar 2023

The poster outlines the values, principles and actions needed to support First Nations employment at community legal centres.

14 Mar 2023

Community Legal Centres NSW invites Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people studying Law, Social Work, Communications, or Community Development to apply for our First Nations Cadetship Program.