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Consent, sexual harassment and assault 
For young people

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Consent, sexual harassment and assault

Women and Sexual Violence Law
This resource has information for women and girls who have been sexually assaulted, and those supporting them, including:

  • What sexual violence and assault means;
  • Getting medical help and counselling after a sexual assault;
  • Reporting to the police; and
  • Legal process and your rights.

'Discrimination at work' on the Willow website (Women's Legal on the Go)

Discrimination and sexual harassment  
Where and how to make a complain if you have experienced sexual harassment. 

Adult sexual assault 
Who to talk to, and what to expect if you report adult sexual assault to the police.

Sexual harassment comics  
A series of comics that explore consent and sexual harassment.  

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For young people

Sex and dating 
Dating and relationships, sex and consent, and what to do if someone has done something that makes you uncomfortable. 

Protecting kids from sexual abuse 
Looking after kids, and the signs for what to do if a child discloses sexual abuse. 

Bad secrets 
Info for kids and young people about child sexual abuse, being safe, and what to do if you feel unsafe or scared.