Employee Assistance Program


Workers in the community legal centre sector in NSW are able to access our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for free counselling and wellbeing support.

All sector employees are entitled to six free confidential counselling sessions for each issue or problem you encounter. For example, a death in your family and a problem at work are different 'issues', and you are entitled to six counselling sessions for each of these issues.

How to access the Employee Assistance Program:

  • Telephone: Call Benestar on 1300 360 364. Let them know that you are under the Community Legal Centres NSW account. There is a specialised service for First Nations employees which can be reached via 1800 816 152.
  • Online: Create a BeneHub account with Benestar using the community legal centres token.

How to create a BeneHub online account: 

  • Contact Community Legal Centres NSW for our company identifier and token. You can email officemanager@clcnsw.org.au to confidentially request this code. 
  • We circulate the access token in our newsletter Off the Record. If you do not receive Off the Record, please email us offtherecord@clcnsw.org.au to subscribe.
  • All Coordinators and Directors have been provided with the program access token, and should have internal ways that this is made accessible to staff. 

Contact us

We're keen to hear how you find Benestar. If you have any feedback on the program, please email officemanager@clcnsw.org.au to confidentially discuss your experience.