Training & Quarterlies


Community Legal Centres NSW runs regular events and training to support sector development and ensure sector workers have access to relevant skills development. This page sets out the key events and training we offer. For a listing of our events, click here.


Community Legal Centres NSW Quarterlies

Community Legal Centres NSW organises four network and professional development events for community legal centres through the year. Each day of the Quarterly has a program of concurrent network meetings and professional development sessions covering a range of legal, legal related and organisation management issues. Sessions are designed for community legal centre staff and volunteers from across NSW to share experiences, gain updates and new knowledge from peers and external experts about law and policy changes and learn about innovative practice.

The event is free to Community Legal Centres NSW member organisations.



2021 Quarterly dates

  • Monday, 22 February to Wednesday, 24 February 2021: online
  • Monday, 24 May to Wednesday, 26 May 2021: planned for in-person
  • Monday, 6 September to Wednesday, 8 September 2021: online
  • Monday, 22 November to Wednesday, 24 November 2021: planned for in-person - now online

For further information about Quarterly program content contact Katrina Ironside (CLCNSW Capacity Building Coordinator) 

For event logistics enquiries (including registration, venue information and presenter equipment), please contact our office administration:

Click here to see the full list of networks and working groups that meet at the Quarterlies.


Yarn Up

Yarn Up is a forum specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers in community legal centres and is held on the Monday of the Quarterly event week.For further information about Yarn Up, contact Zachary Armytage, Aboriginal Legal Access Program Coordinator


2021 Yarn Up dates

  • Monday, 22 February 2021: online
  • Monday, 24 May 2021: planned for in-person
  • Monday, 6 September 2021: online
  • Monday, 22 November 2021: planned for in-person


Training Days

Community Legal Centres NSW organises four training days each year for those working in the sector. Two of these are Legal Training Days (February and September) aimed at legal practitioners in the sector, while the other two are Management Training Days (May and November) aimed at centre managers and administrators.


2021 CLCNSW Legal Training Day dates

  • Thursday, 26 February & 4 March 2021 (online)
  • Thursday, 9 & 16 September 2021 (online)


2021 CLCNSW Management Training Day dates

  • Thursday, 27 May & 3 June 2021 (TBC - planned for in-person)
  • Thursday, 25 November & 2 December 2021 (TBC - planned for in-person)


CPD points

Legal professionals may be able to claim CPD points for some of the networking and professional development sessions at Quarterlies and the Legal Training Days. More information about CPD points can be found on the Law Society website.


RRR Roadshow

Each year a regional, rural or remote (RRR) community legal centres hosts other community centres from regional, rural or remote centres to visit and find out more about the challenges and achievements of providing services in their particular areas. Planning for the rescheduled 2020 Roadshow is underway.


College of Law Practice Management course for CLCs

Each year CLCNSW collaborates with the College of Law to customise a Practice Management Course specifically for community legal centre solicitors. The course combines content and presentations from both experienced community legal centre solicitors and other experts in running a legal practice. More information and dates to come once available.