Event: Financial Management Training


Financial literacy shouldn't be limited to financial managers — it should include Board members, the Coordinator or Director, and staff responsible for reporting, grant writing, managing projects, and service delivery.

The Community Legal Centres NSW Financial Service has been commissioned by Legal Aid NSW to develop a Financial Management training package. The training will build the capacity of community legal centres to deliver best practice financial management and reporting.

These sessions will cover a range of topics and are designed for a range of people, from those with no experience to finance managers, with a specific focus on CLASS data and meeting Legal Aid NSW reporting requirements.

The sessions are all free. Attendance is reserved for Community Legal Centre NSW's members.

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Program overview

Date: Thursday 3 February
Time: 5:00pm - 6:30pm 

Are you currently sitting on a Board, considering joining one, or recently appointed to a Board?

Boards are ultimately responsible for all aspects of the organisation. The finances are a critical component of the sustainability and success of the centre, and it is essential that each Board member understands their obligations and liabilities.

This workshop will cover what board members should know about their role and responsibilities for financial governance and the roles of the Coordinator, Director and Finance Manager.

This workshop is designed for:

Anyone who sits on a Board, is considering being on a Board, or who reports to a Board.

Date: Wednesday 16 February
Time: 5:00pm - 6:30pm 

Do you want to become more confident at reading financial reports?

While we know financial governance and understanding the financial position of your centre is important, people aren’t always able to use financial statements to their best advantage.

This session will identify the information and documents required to manage an organisation. We will focus on developing skills in reading and understanding reports, being able to spot problems and ask questions.

This workshop is designed for:

Anyone who wants to improve their financial literacy in organisational management. 

Date: Wednesday 23 March
Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm 

How much does it cost to run community legal centre?

The answer is...“it's complicated.” How do you create a long term and annual budget and how do you make sure you stay on track throughout the year?

This workshop will break down what you need in a budget, ensure you are fully costing programs, and discuss how you should allocate and track your income and expenses for reporting purposes.

There will be a focus on Legal Aid NSW budget templates and terminology.

This workshop is designed for:

Anyone with responsibility for financial oversight or management, including Board members, Coordinators & Directors, and financial management staff.

Date: Thursday 28 April
Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm 

Financial sustainability and risk management go hand in hand.

Building positive initiatives to diversify income and create an income strategy will ensure you meet your centre’s mission and objectives. You also need to address your vulnerabilities. Improving financial risk management is a continuous process.

In this session, we will look at: whether your centre has procedures in place to help prevent or expose fraudulent activities; whether the spending limits you have set are followed; whether you have sufficient funds to trade for 3 months without funding; and, the function, role, and responsibility of an auditor.

This workshop is designed for:

Board members, senior staff, and operations staff. 

This workshop is especially effective if operational staff and management from the same organization attend together so that practices discussed in the workshop can be implemented in your centre.

Date: Date in June TBA

Funding agreements have become more complex at both state and federal government level, as well as to philanthropic funders.

This workshop looks at reporting holistically and provides tips for implementing practices at the start of the funding cycle to ensure reporting is headache free at the conclusion of the cycle.

There will be a focus on reporting to Legal Aid NSW including CLASS data, reporting templates and terminology

This workshop is designed for:

Anyone with responsibility for reporting, including Financial Managers, Coordinators or Directors, and senior staff.